In the heart of the city and Europe

A great asset of Hanza Tower is its perfect location in the very center of Szczecin, in a prestigious and attractive surroundings of the city center, and in the fastest growing city district, between Aleja Wyzwolenia and Odzieżowa street. Location in the very center guarantees a fantastic communication with the main transport arteries in Szczecin, as well as the airport and railway station which provide an easy access to Berlin, Malmo, and Hamburg. A journey to Germany normally takes about two hours, and to Malmo or Hamburg - about four.

The most important places nearby are:

  • 1. City Hall
  • 2. Dana Hotel
  • 3. Chrobry Enbankment
  • 4. Railway Station
  • 5. Seaport Gateway
  • 6. Grunwaldzki Square

The distances to most important cities nearby are as follows:

  • 139 km to Berlin
  • 350 km to Gdansk
  • 500 km to Warsaw
  • 218 km to Poznan
  • 300 km to Malmo
  • 340 km to Hamburg
  • 340 km to Kopenhagen
  • 350 km to Wroclaw
  • 384 km to Hanover
  • 425 km to Prague
  • 590 km to Gothenburg
  • 830 km to Riga
  • 1000 km to Oslo
  • 1100 km to Stockholm
  • 1150 km to Tallinn
  • 1400 km to Helsinki

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Sales Office
Dana Hotel
1st floor, room 114
50 Aleja Wyzwolenia street
71-500 Szczecin

Office hours:
Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Phone: +48 91 817 21 72
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