Policy of privacy

The service operator (service provider) is obliged to respect your right to privacy on the Internet, and shall ensure that all your disclosed data are properly protected ("Personal Data").  At the same time, the service Operator indicates that the hanzatower.pl website can be browsed without providing one's personal information.
Personal data:
The administrator of the website users' personal data is J.W.  Construction Holding S.A.. ul.  Radzymińska 326, 05-091 Ząbki. Processing of personal data takes place based on principles described in the act on protecting personal data, the act on rendering services in electronic form, the telecommunications law and the stipulations of the service use terms and conditions. Disclosing personal information is of volunary character, and its processing takes place:

  1. in order to excercise the provisions of law,
  2. in order to render services in electronic way (newsletter),
  3. for the promotional and business activities of the service provider.

The legal basis for processing personal data in case referred to in 1) is a legal authorization for processing data necessary for acting in accordance with the stipulations of law, and in case referred to in 2), a contractual authorization to process personal data whenever it is necessary to render the service by the data administrator or entities receiving such data, and in 3), the permission granted by the user via the website.  Data gathered by the service providers can be also disclosed to:

  • proper state bodies on their demand based on proper legal regulations,
  • other persons and entities in cases provided for in legal regulations.
  • processing of user personal data and personal data entered by them that may concern e-mail addresses, first and second names, phone numbers.

The service provider applies proper technical and organizational means ensuring safety of personal data disclosed by users, especially preventing third parties from accessing or processing it with an infringement of legal regulations, preventing data loss, its damaging or destruction. Every user has a right to:

  1. access his or her personal data, amend it, correct it, update it data via electronic communication with data administrator,
  2. demand that personal data is deleted or its processing is temporarily/permanently stopped as long as it turns out to be incomplete, obsolete, untrue or collected with infringing upon legal regulations,
  3. oppose against his/her personal data being collected in cases provided for by the law, including the demand to delete it when it turns out be unnecessary for the realization of a goal for which it was collected.

In order to perform actions described in cases 1,2, and 3, please contact the data administrator, namely Construction Holding S.A.. ul. Radzymińska 326, 05-091 Ząbki. Upon ending using the services rendered by the service provider as a result of a termination notification, refusing to accept the terms and conditions of the service use, personal data of the service user may be processed in the necessary scope to carry out the following goals: 

  • holding the user accountable due to the infringement of legal regulations and/or the service terms and conditions,
  • verifying whether using the services by the user did not infringe upon the service terms and conditions, as well as legal regulations,
  • providing the user with marketing materials constituting the advertisement or promotion of the company activity or its subsidiaries unless the user cancels his permission to perform the above actions.

The service operator is obliged to carry out  proper actions aimed at protecting personal information against unauthorized access of third parties. The service operator informs that the service operator data bases are protected against being accesses by third parties.  In case of questions related to other privacy aspects regarding the use of the hanzatower.pl service, please send your question to the e-mail address: marketing@jwc.pl.
The service operator informs that the service stores in automatic fashion only information found in cookie files.  The service operator informs that cookie files (so-called "cookies") constitute computer data, especially text files, that are stored in the device of the end user. Cookies typically contain the name of an Internet website from which they come, the time period during which they are stored on the end device as well as its unique number. The service operator informs that cookie files are used:

  • for adjusting the service content to user preferences and optimizing the use of Internet websites; especially those files allow for detecting service user's device and display a website in a proper fashion matching his/her individual needs;
  • creating statistics that help understand how the service users use websites, allowing for improving their structure and content;
  • maintaining the session of the service user;

The service operator informs that as part of the service the following types of cookie files are used:

  • "necessary" cookie files allowing for using the services available as part of the service, for instance cookie files used for services requiring the authorization as part of the service; cookie files used for guaranteeing safety, used among other things for detecting abuse in scope of being granted authorization during the use of service.
  • "efficiency" cookie files allowing for collecting information on the way the service websites are used;
  • "functional" cookie files allowing for saving settings chosen by the user and the personalization of the User interface, for example in regard to a selected language or region from which the user comes, font size, the look of an Internet website, etc.;
  • "advertising" cookie files allowing for providing the users with advertising content that better match their interests.

The service operator informs that Internet browsers (software of the service user's) by default allow storing cookie files on the end device. Service operator informs that the service user may always change the settings of the Internet browser responsible for the use of cookie files. The service operator informs that restrictions on using cookie files may influence the functionality of the service. The service operator informs that cookie files placed on the service user's end device can be used also by advertisers and partners co-operating with the service.  Service operator informs that the entity responsible for placing cookie files on the user's end device having at the same time access to them is the Service operator: J.W. Construction Holding S.A.. ul. Radzymińska 326, 05-091 Ząbki. Service operator informs that information on using cookie files is available in software settings (Internet browser). Service operator informs that more information on cookie files is available in the "help" menu of  an Internet browser.

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